Who is MedCreds? Meet Doctor Brent Blue

Doctor Brent Blue, a board-certified, Wyoming-based, family medicine physician and senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).

Dr. Blue joined MedCreds as a Medical Advisor in April, 2020. When MedCreds launched our first Trial in May, we partnered with Dr. Brent Blue's practice. Emerg+A+Care based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Early on in COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Blue began testing individuals in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for COVID-19 infection and antibodies.  Emerg+A+Care is now using MedCreds as a way to conveniently deliver the results of medical tests, to their patients.

Dr. Blue continues to be instrumental in guiding the development of the MedCreds platform, and keeping our team up to date on the latest information in medical science related to COVID-19.

Interview with Doctor Brent Blue

For more information about MedCreds e-mail contact@medcreds.com or you can schedule a meeting with our team!