Pacifica, CA July 6, 2020: MedCreds, which offers private and trusted verifiable credentialing solutions for COVID-19 and other health conditions, has partnered with BraveMaker, a Redwood City, California-based non-profit film arts organization to help its crew members more safely return to work.

Built on a blockchain and cryptography technology, MedCreds allows people to verify and share their health status from a smartphone or personal computer, while owning and controlling who sees their personal information.

Using blockchain-supported verifiable credentials that are owned ONLY by the individual, the MedCreds app safely helps get people back to workplaces, dentists, schools, airplanes/trains, restaurants, and shopping malls, while helping to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 transmission.

“I am glad that MedCreds has created their app so my cast and crew can share their recent COVID-19 test results in a way that protects their privacy, and at the same time gives me the comfort of knowing the results are verified from an authorized medical authority,” says Tony Gapastione, Bravemaker CEO. “Running a company and producing films comes with a lot of stress and anxiety, but I feel better knowing that we are doing everything we can to create a safe work environment that assures my staff we are taking every precaution possible to help reduce health risks on our work sets.”

Tony Rose, CEO of MedCreds, is excited to be working with BraveMaker Films to help independent-film-production companies go safely back to work.

“COVID-19 has shut down many businesses,” says Rose. “MedCreds is proud to offer our tools to help California's economy start back up again. MedCreds is different from other COVID-19 and contact-tracing apps because it allows ONLY the individual to retain ownership and control of their medical credential and information.”

How MedCreds Works

One week before the production start date, BraveMaker Films’ offers to its cast and crew members the opportunity to remotely ask a doctor to order an FDA-approved COVID-19 test from their local lab. Many film-crew members then chose various labs where they wished to have the test performed.

The doctor then reviews the test results, and—using MedCreds’ verifiable credentials—issues to crew members that completed a COVID-19 test their personal, verifiable test result credential.

Each of those BraveMaker Film crew members owns and controls their digital COVID-19 health credential, and can share their results by scanning a QR code upon entering the set.

An appointed BraveMaker representative instantly receives verification of the legitimacy of those crew member's test results, following the QR scan.

For BraveMaker and its Crew Members, MedCreds:

  • Enables crew members with COVID-19 test results to confirm their COVID-19 status was issued by an authorized medical authority
  • Gives cast and crew members the ability to download the MedCreds app on their smartphone or personal computer to share their COVID-19 status at other filming locations; the dentist; senior-care centers; for International travel; or any other situation that requires verifying the result of their COVID-19 status.
  • Allows BraveMaker to keep a secure log of credential proofs, demonstrating that they have taken advanced health and safety precautions to protect their film crew.

Ben Littlejohn, MD, a board-certified, California based, family-medicine physician, who works with MedCreds as a medical advisor, believes that MedCreds is the most private technology to enable businesses and the economy to begin opening up again.

“I am excited that patients to whom I have issued MedCreds verifiable credentials can prove to any other party, with certainty, that I issued these test results,” says Dr. Littejohn. “Until now, this level of verification for medical test results has not been possible. I am proud to help Bravemaker studios get back to work and restart the independent film industry.”

Headquartered in Pacifica, CA, MedCreds enables anyone that has a COVID-19 virus or antibody test result to hold a digital verifiable credential that can instantly and privately prove to any person or company the results of their COVID-19 test, using only their mobile phone or personal computer.

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