August 10, 2020

CA AB 2004 authorizes Verifiable Credentials for the transmission of medical test results from authorized medical authorities to patients. Creates a working group to develop best practices, and sets a standard providing the highest levels of consumer privacy and trust in this new technology.

By passing the Senate Appropriations Committee today, AB 2004 takes one step closer to becoming law in California.  Watch the video of the Committee below!

This follows the bills introduction to the California House Privacy Committee on May 6th, 2020.  You can view a video of our Senior Medical Advisor, Raj Gupta of Vanderbilt University provide testimony to the CA House Privacy Committee Here.

Following the Privacy Committee, AB 2004 went to House Appropriations committee where it passed unanimously and then on the the House Floor. The House Floor hearing can be viewed here, where the bill was introduced by Assemblymember Ian Calderon. On August 8th, the Senate Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee heard the bill and the video can be seen here.

Next steps, the bill will go to the full Senate Floor by August 31st. If the bill passes through the Senate, the Governor's office will have until September 30th to sign the bill into law.

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